Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Sarah Van Zutphen, year 7, Grammar School


Hello! I’m Lili, with an ‘i’, I live between two islands, or below.. Well they are fighting at the moment, us “beyonds” aren’t really important, we hardly even hear of the problems up above, but as far as I know somebody stole something from another and now they’re furious at each other. There are two sides, one is called Ebraxas and the other Tirianna. Ebraxas is on the left of our town, as far as I have heard, it has tunnels underground, creeping in every crook, it has normal houses and everything a village should have, including animals: the undergrounds are so pretty, they have vines with flowers curling around it but it’s always dark down there so they use fireflies that float around, bringing light if it’s needed.

Whereas Tirianna is very different, it’s a lot more organized. With levels inside the cliffs, as far as I heard, there are 4 levels which suit the different type of people, the first one is houses of all types, but the second one is these round houses hanging from the ceiling, they look like bubbles! And the second ones are like half circles, like a rabbit hole! Oh and I almost forgot ,the last level, my favorite! It has tree houses, super cute! My parents hate it here, they aren’t very nice, sometimes I think that I’m special but my dad says to go back to my room, I haven’t told them but I can speak to animals, they’ll just laugh…

Down here in the “beyonds” we get half sunny and dark, because the sun and moon merged together, only every century it turns fully. Above there are these cute dinosaur dragons with wings, they protect both so neither towns can attack.

One day I’ll sort this out.. One day.

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