Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Lewis Laine, year 8, Le Rondin School

Deep in the forbidden forest lived a man who went by the name of Thomas Smith. He was 32 years old, he had black greasy hair along with a large sticky beard. He survived and ate by hunting and foraging food and collect water from the great river. Why he lives alone in the forbidden forest is shrouded in myth and legend. But most say his grandfather committed a terrible crime and as a result was banished and was told that if either him or one of his descendants ever set foot in the Orlo village then they would be shot.

One day a little girl called Lana dared herself to go into the woods. She didn't just do this because she felt like it she also did it because in the village there was a famine and as a result there was not enough food for everyone. So she decided to go into the woods in order to get some food for both herself and here mother as her father died when she was very young.

As she crossed the bridge she heared a voice behind her "Oi! what do you think your doing?" Lana began to run. She knew who it was and she also knew what he would do to her if he got his hand on her as it was strictly against the rules to cross the bridge

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