Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Axe Island

By Braden Morris, year 7, Elizabeth College

As a bullet flew over my head I had a quick peek around the corner of the crate I was hiding next to. Next to me was the reception desk and on it there was bold writing saying "Taru Corp." I had made it finally I had landed on the planet Taru. As a bullet skimmed my hip, I looked to my left and on my left was a ship unloading containers from it. Moving along taking cover next to a different crate I looked ahead and all I could see was about a million gun shooting robots. Looking up I noticed that I was under a yellow force field that was glitching in the darkness of the planet. Behind me was a crane stacking some crates one on top of each other. Firing my laser blaster at the line of robots. They toppled over like a set of dominoes.

Moving to the next crate that was around the corner I noticed another set of robots, but these did not have guns. They were on what looked like a railway track and were placing canons into a wooden crate and then compacting them with pieces of packing peanuts. Rolling as if I was a ninja I got to the next crate and to my astonishment, I started watching the evil Sharaken testing out one of the canons by shooting it at one of his robot slaves...

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Candy Land

By Dylan Scally, year 5, Vauvert School

Candy Land theme park is a fun place. There are candy dinosaurs and a few creatures waiting to see you...

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Dog Land

By Barnaby Groves, year 4, Elizabeth College

Suddenly a fight broke out! The fight was between The Good Dogs and The Bad Dogs. There were two cap...

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By Jessica Roussel, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

It was all over. The two bombs hit both of the of the islands. These two islands had been at war for a year...

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Der Dschungel

By Niamh Conlon, year 6, Notre Dame School

Way down south, there is a jungle called Der Dschungel (German for ‘the jungle’)...

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By Harrison Smith, year 6, Vauvert School

When the president offered me a chance of going on an scientific trip to the new planet 7X I thought...

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Boating Mystery

By Theodora Murray, year 4, Blanchelande School

“How far is it till we get to Astrifiniauss mum?” asked Matty- Andi.

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John Orange's First Adventure

By Louis Ingrouille, year 9, Elizabeth College

It was a windless, gorgeous day; John Orange was flying his ship: the Albino...

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The Meteor

By Xavier Allen, year 4, Elizabeth College

Suddenly everything went hot, all the lights went out on the morning I went to the Frozen Lake. I sa...

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Mysteries of the ocean, royal saviour princess Aria!

By Evelyn Le Prevost, year 6, Vauvert School

Long ago in the space time continuum the Queen of Tamaran had gone missing in a different continent...

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A City in Space

By Jacob Mayor, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

Around a century ago there were a dozen meteors heading towards earth predicted to destroy earth...

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