Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Jack Meerveld, year 7, Elizabeth College


Asiland was at its darkest times; the sun that used to shine its bright, golden light upon all and made the days brighter, shines no more. The giant, sweet candy canes that used to grow in the

garden of grace dies slowly in the shadows. Cobwebs creep down on the lands of Asiland ruled by the bravest and strongest of kings. Once there lived peace and harmony, but all faded into

the past as light grew dim. Every day the land’s joys, hopes as well as beliefs would sink into the grey and consume it until it is nothing but a memory, stained into the graceful little elves’ minds.

Before all fell dark, life was free, and you could have or be anything you wanted. All was great: there were waterfalls, ponds, lakes and small little houses that the tiny little trolls used to live in. This was like heaven but there is always a price of everything so every night when the moon is full, shining above all, we give thanks and the day resets once more.

One night, before it happened the great mighty ruler King Sabadoth’s son had an argument, not just an ordinary disagreement. This was far more bitter and cruel. King Sabadoth won and so his son ran far away from the land and swore never to return. This news saddened King Sabadoth’s heart, so he went to the gods and prayed for his return. Nothing happened for nine months so the next evening, he ordered his priest to not give thanks that night for the gods had not given him what he desired.

So, the next morning the sun did not rise, and slowly and slowly all faded into darkness, and the light never shone again upon the kingdom of Asiland.

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