Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Alpha X/ The Last Life

By George Dean, year 7, Elizabeth College

Leia or 103629, as she was known by the Upper Class, was studying. Her eyes drifted, staring blankly at a window, the false rain slowly dribbling down the glass. Leia could see past the buildings and could see the protective bubble, the one that loops around Alpha X. Outside there was black, charred floor covered in ash. There was also crater bigger than the bombs that created them in 2020.

Miss Parker (Leia’s favourite teacher.) said “Seventy years ago, nuclear bombs were deployed from De, an underwater secret base, everyone outside was killed.” She stopped, taking a deep breath and facing her knees, “However everyone inside the barrier survived, starting an economy.”

Leia was still peering through the window, until her eyes were immediately drawn to the bubble as the outside seemed to be glitching. Leia could see green grass flowing like ballet dancers and the dead trees seemed to have grown into natural giants also swaying to the wind’s music.

Leia clambered out of her window gently placing her feet on the tiled roof of the next-door building. Her hair blowing from behind her, twisted and draped over her freckled shoulders. The air conditioning placed in the average room flew from the window holding Leia in a deep embrace. Her thoughts were pending.

“Everyone outside was killed,” rattled around her head, vividly hearing the voice and seeing the words.

From roof to roof, under the ‘stars’ that stippled the sky, Leia’s heart pumped. She was a great runner and always from the crowd she would hear screeches from the students, such as, “You got this!” and “Go on Leia!”

After about an hour she finally reached the barrier and touched it softly she pushed, and it sprung back like jelly.


BANG! Gunshot. Silence.

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