Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Alien Land

By Shay Goddard, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

My world is a no rule world because it is run by Aliens, meaning there is no punishment apart from animal abusing. There is zero gravity on my world because it is in space so all the aliens just jump around. Paul the alien is incharge of all the planets but does not set any rules.There is no religion because aliens don't know what they are. In my world people appreciate being kind the most because they don't want any violence or problems.The weather is freezing but aliens can cope as they are suited for it.

Everyone on my world lives in a caravan but they are customized with huge smart tv’s, king size double bed, sit down shower etc. The aliens eat Mcdonalds and all the fast foods there are. They created a sport called flying rugby where it is the same as normal rugby but they can jump around and fly which it makes it a lot harder.

They treat everyone the same as if they were all the same age apart from the old people because they hate them. This is because they are boring and can’t do any of the activities.The Aliens love animals and if you abuse any animals you will get put in prison and tortured but you can’t grow in space so there is no plants.

The aliens are so clever they have created more technology than we have now, they have robots to clean their houses and they run all the shops and hospitals. They have created travel tunnels to each world and they take one second. To get round the planet they use jet packs which never run out.

Everyone is treated the same until they are above 70+. The only things that take over is robots because they are creating so many. Suddenly........

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