Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Tavis Larkin, year 9, Grammar School

On the ecumenololis of Acinvar ten clans tussle for control. The Gruul, who are savage and brutal, try to keep the world’s last wild spaces free from being developed. The Boros legions adorned in white and red fight to keep control. They work with the Azorius senate to create the laws and capture criminals in spheres of energy. These are created by the Izzet league who are the crazy creators, who almost get blown up in experiments. If you are a businessman you have to be wary of the Orzhov syndicate who are the main bankers who have insane interest on their payments, making them rich and powerful. The Golgari swarm are the outcasts who live in the undercity which is full of crimes. The Selesnya conclave who are the crazy holy people think that the world has a soul which is being killed by the city. The Simic combine are the doctors, who experiment on their patients, often making them able to breathe underwater or giving them crab arms. The Cult of Rakdos are the world's partygoers and drunkards who worship a demon who likes dangerous plays. The final clan are the House Dimir who are the spies and assassins.

They are all fighting for the “Worldsoul”, the mystical object that grants the owner complete control over the populous of Acinvar. This is housed in a living building the size of a mountain which is always in sight. Many have tried to scale its outer walls only to fall or be burnt by the flying metal dragons. Others have tried to go in through the gold adorned gates and into the winding stone maze which as you walk seems to move. I know this because that is where I am. It is where I am destined to die unless find the Worldsoul...

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