Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

A world behind

By Poppy Cross, year 7, St Sampson’s School

Charlotte took a closer look into the old painting that her father had painted before he died earlier that year. She sighed. She lifted her small bony hand and touched a dark purple tree in the painting. Suddenly she felt a pulling sensation in her now shaking hand. Abruptly she was pulled into a new world.

Charlotte just laid on the cold gravel path. Shocked, Charlotte's father came sprinting along the dark forest floor. There was nothing, no sound, no birds. Alone. Charlotte woke up. Startled by her surroundings she stumbled over to the closest tree to lean on. She couldn’t tell if this was heaven or hell. “Where are we?” asked Charlotte as she wandered around.

“Welcome to limbo!” her father said in a weird way.

Suddenly a huge light flew above their heads shining red, green and blue. At the end of the road were two doors, one to heaven and one to hell. The heaven one had a silver door. The hell one had a small red gem above it.

It was Charlotte's father's go first, without hesitation he heaved himself into hell's door. Now it was her go. To be with her father or mother?

She could only choose one.

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