Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

A White Mystery

By Emma Le Page, year 8, St Sampson’s School

I woke up feeling a way I have never felt before. It was as if I was laying on a cloud but with a smooth, grainy texture. My eyes opened suddenly, ripples of unbelievably clear water filling each part of me as I rose from the pale-yellow surface beneath me. A panic flashed through me as I realized I was under water, so, without a second thought, I glided through the water to the top where I found out I couldn't breathe. But, when I returned back to the water, I felt calmness and relaxation as two hands slid onto my shoulders. All I wanted to do at that moment was swim, swim far away and leave this creature behind, but I felt hypnotized as I allowed these scaly hands to slither down my back and turn to face me. A girl. Her face was so pale and her skin had a glow to it that I never wanted to leave behind. This blonde haired girl looked up at me with her sapphire blue eyes but, once I made eye contact with her, an exceedingly large amount of shock flashed across her face and swam away with the speed of a cheetah. "Who was she? Why am I here?" The questions felt endless in my head as I realized something...if I fell asleep underwater, then who am I?

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