Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

A life of a half human, half dinosaur

By Jack welbourne, year 7, Grammar School

T-russell is the name of the half human, half dinosaur. He lives in Mexico city and dinosaur land (on mars). He has a tribulation of dwarfism. He wasn't always a dinosaur as he was going to have the first ever injection to help him grow. It didn't go to plan as he now lives in Mexico city and was a human a day then a dinosaur the next. He got bullied in Mexico as he was smaller then the other kids and he also stands up for himself. He loved swimming in the gulp of Mexico,of his rudimentary, to help seize his dwarf muscles. But when he is a dinosaur he is catalyst as he saves life as a T-Rex!

As he got older,he didn't grow, but as the other people grew he was saving more lives. It was so hard talking to people with your head up and them have to look down. He was too scared as a dinosaur to hunt as he was small and couldn't reach the cows to eat them. The other dinosaur give him food to eat as they like him and help him have fun. He always wondered if the dinosaurs are humans as well?

There was a problem on dinosaur island. As they have spotted a meature coming fast. They had around two days to get of the land. As the day came they were about to get off. Crash!

He was lying on his bed with his mum calling at the bottom of the stairs. He heard a cow mooing for him so he rushed down for his tasty, juicy, breakfast. He ate super quick in the space of 5 minutes. He wondered how he is back home the next day. Then it hit him, was he a dinosaur after all?

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