Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

A City in Space

By Jacob Mayor, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

Around a century ago there were a dozen meteors heading towards earth predicted to destroy earth and wipe out all of its inhabitants for good. But in a small town in England lived a family of four who were prepared for this event. They had made a ladder out of materials from their local junk yard to reach a planet which could suit life. Then when they heard about this event, they put up the ladder outside in their garden and set a meeting in their town hall. When the village of 200 people had arrived, they made a speech about their ladder and how they could start a new life on a new planet. Then they said every one who wanted to go should stand on the right and everyone else on the left. They then told everyone who wanted to stay to leave. Left in the hall was the family of four and around 100 other people. The family stated that they only have 2 hours to get out of the range of the meteors' impact to earth. They then guided the villages to the ladder. They then sent 5 men up the ladder followed by the children ,then the women and finally the rest of the men. They had luckily escaped earth in time before the meteor hit and were on the way to their new home. When finally there, the community just more than 100 worked their hats off to make it nice and suitable to live in. Then 100 years later it has housing, industry, a good healthcare and over 500 inhabitants.

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