Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

101 world

By Adam Stanford, year 9, La Mare de Carteret School

6 o’clock, I wake from my sweet slumber, I dress up as usual on a ordinary school day. 7:35, once I’m ready, I leap in the comfortable taxi with random music, which instantly starts booming like someone stomping on the screaming floor above me.

When I listen to amazing music that I adore entirely, I think of a creature, a robotic creature. Crazily, it’s even myself as the character, his name is… Squidion101! Squidion101 can’t resist dancing to music he adores most, he does all kinds of legendary dances even from Fortnite for example, the orange justice. In addition, he is also an expert militarist and exceptionally smart, no wonder why he is a high tech killing machine!

Now, when I think of Squidion101, I see a world of my farthest yet wildest dreams. It’s name is 101 world! 101 world is basically black and gold, it has the golden sea and mantle with golden boulders and it has the core of darkness, spooky. I scan humongous weird, black indestructible bubbles as houses stacked on each other diagonally with staircases surrounding the houses as they go down. There are skyscrapers of these peculiar houses close by.

Citizens of 101 world are again peculiar and they are the squidions. They are minions crossed with squids, weird right?

Now the other race is the cores from Portal, they travel around by transporting systems specially made for the cores. Somewhere around this astonishing world is the biggest ongoing disco you will ever witness in the universe. Billions would dance there for hours and hours and hours until they needed to slumber. There is also a huge frightening cave which is a country itself, which somehow connected with 101 world’s moon full of xenomorph ghosts. 8:10, I grab my stuff quickly then stroll into school!

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